Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fuhh... i can blog again

As yall can see that, i have not update my blog in a while. This is because i forgot my password, hehehehhe, now as i regain my power back and now i'm in control, so stay tuned for more updates from deary beloved jakey, xoxo, lol

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The good old days... Law Matriculation

Taking a stroll in memory lane is what i love most, remembering the good old times, i miss these young moments of mine...

For me, during my study in Law Matriculation Centre IIU was the best thing that ever happen to me. Where at this moment I start to know the world outside, that i`m not alone... Here, you will come across people with different background, education, social life and etc.

During my first semester here, its a bit hard for me to get use to cuz itz a new environment to me, where previously i never been away from home, and now i`m alone and it is up to me now on how i can make it through out this heavy rain of encumbraces... ( mooting final at matric, this is my team, the pic above, d 1st pic )

But i thank Allah S.W.T., with Him by my side all the time, where he keeps me safe from all the evils out there, He always there when i need help, He gives me courage to go on, and be a man...

During my matriculation days, i enjoy a lot. Especially when u have Mr. Danial Abdul Rahman as your roomate, the world best public speaker by your side, trust me you will never get bored, hehehe, love u Dan ( Brother Bear ), muahahahahaha

My other roomies, i love yall so much. For all the guidance n those thoughtful opinions, it makes me a better Muslim, thanx yall

To other frenz, you know who you are, ehehhehe, ( sorry cuz i can`t mention your name cuz banyak la, ehehheheeh ), you guys make my year and days for me during these good all days, hehe, misss u guys, maggieee, amy, elle, new rule, n CIKGU, i misss u la, those good times when had, we always bitch bout peeps, being the greatest BITCH alive feels so good, misss CIKGU, hehe

Then it comes to our last semester in matric, where this was the best sem ever, eheheh, i enjoy being senior ( mase ni la nak mengatal dgn adik adik, muahahaa ) but adik adik my badge sangat baek, ehhehehehe

Now, i`m doin my Law Degree ( LLB Hons ) , currently i`m in my 3rd 2nd Sem, Insyallah i`ll b graduating next year, heheeh

( adik adik baru abis Ta`aruf, haisshh, muahaha, d 3rd pic )

I guess this is it for now, catch u fellas on the next submission, mwahhhhh, xoxo

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A new book

Today mark my first moment as a blogger, i kinda enjoy it actually, heehheeh, where MR. P is d one who suggest me to have my own blog, so i decided to have one.

Now i`m thinking on wat kind of material should i pour inside this little pot of mine, juz wait n c cuz there will b plenty of stuuffzz from me, hope u guys enjoy it, as for now this is it, catch u guys later on d next entry... xoxo